Sneha Sharma – Of Counsel- IPR

Sneha is the IPR Partner, engaged as an Of-Counsel with the firm since early 2022 with almost a decade long experience in prosecuting, litigating and advising on IPR and commercial law matters. She is an engineer- turned-lawyer, and is a registered Patent Agent in India since 2013. Sneha routinely advises businesses, start-ups, MSMEs as well as large entities on issues pertaining to identifying, securing and monetizing IP, across the board, as well as conducts IP due diligence with IP management advisory, in cases of corporate restructuring. She also strategizes on matters pertaining to defending IPs of businesses against third party infringers through pre-litigation advisory and litigation assistance. She is also adept at handling infringement actions against her clients and defending their interests through settlement negotiations, assistance through alternate dispute mechanisms and litigation.

With the firm, Sneha routinely undertakes transactional advisory, drafting and negotiations including IP contracts and other commercial contracts necessary for clients in the course of their business. She is also a copyright law expert advising on rights associated with authorship, ownership, licenses etc., royalty issues, securing fair contract terms for clients, and negotiating on their behalf.