As per the Copyright Act 1957 and the Copyright Rules 2003, copyright exists in all original, published or unpublished artistic works like paintings, music compositions, literary works, sound recordings, cinematographic film, etc.

All the aforementioned artistic works are exclusively covered under the Copyright Act 1957, in any form of expression, however, such expression must be tangible. It could be an essay, poem, story, script or a play or say, it could be a dance form/move or a photo, a song as well as computer graphics or coding which can be drawn on a paper or recorded and/or saved in any possible way. This gives the creator an exclusive right to use his/her creations or to distribute or publish it as per his own terms and conditions. The Copyright Act provides both civil, criminal as well as administrate remedies to the owner in case there is an infringement of copyrights.

TA regularly advises clients on copyright protection, including searching, filing, registration, licensing and assignment, due diligence and assists in enforcing copyrights through injunctive relief, infringement suits or other legal remedies. In addition to helping clients manage copyright litigation efficiently, our team also helps clients strategize dispute resolution to arrive at amicable settlements.