Trademark is purely a name, word, symbol, design, image or a combination of these which enables the consumer to distinguish between one’s product or services from the rest of the market. Three-dimensional marks, shape marks, color marks, sound marks, also come under the ambit of trademark registration. A Trademark owner has an exclusive right to use the trademark as a source to identify the goods produced or services provided by him. A Registered Trademark, if used properly can become the most valuable asset of a company. India, being a member of the Madrid Protocol gives the right holders a benefit to obtain trademark registration in multiple countries through a single application. An unregistered trademark in India can be protected under the common law principle of passing off.

TA  has a team of highly experienced trademark attorneys providing a complete range of services in the field of trademarks such as filing and prosecution of applications including applications under the Madrid Treaty, trademark search and watch services and initiating and pursuing civil, criminal and administrative enforcement actions.

Our team’s value-added trademark services help clients maximize business value from their trademarks.