A Patent is a monopoly conferred by law to the inventor, so as to exclude others from exploiting or using a particular invention. Therefore, a Patent being a monopoly right enables the patentee to exploit the invention for 20 years after which it falls in the public domain unless renewed. In order to achieve patent protection, the invention in question must be new, it should involve an inventive step and must be capable of industrial application.
India, to keep up with the modern world and to strengthen its patent law, became a member of many international organizations which include Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) system, the Paris Convention and the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT). These associations enabled the patent holders to secure their rights in multiple countries without losing priority in each jurisdiction.

The patent professionals at TA have expertise in searching and drafting applications of various technologies and work together with technical experts in the preparation of specifications. TA’s patent services include search and watch, filing and prosecution, renewal. pre and post grant proceedings, portfolio management etc. Our team on numerous occasions has represented clients in contentious proceedings before the IPO, IPAB and the Courts.

TA’s team is capable of handling patents from varied fields which includes Biotechnology, Biochemical Pharmaceuticals, Mechanical, Electronics and electrical, IT and related subject matter.