Arbitration In the present world where various global or regional business and industries are playing an important role in maintaining the level of economy and are integral part of various bilateral developments in field of science, innovation and technology which are further governed by mutual business arrangements and commercials and at certain times face difficulties and disputes due to torts or any breach of contracts or such arrangements by any concerned party. Arbitration is one such technique for resolving such disputes outside the courts as it is fast and specifically related to the matter and more often it is used for resolution of commercial disputes arising out due to various reasons including breach of contract by any party. The Arbitral Proceedings are usually presided by one or more Arbitrators. In India, an option to Arbitrate is included in all business arrangements in case of any disputes between the parties and is mandated in consumer and employment matters by the means of inclusion in relevant contracts. Arbitration proceedings are governed by Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and the main object of the said act is to make provisions for an arbitral procedure which is fair and capable of fulfilling the needs of a specific arbitration and especially to minimise the supervisory role of the courts in the arbitral process. It also permits an arbitral tribunal to use mediation and conciliation to encourage settlement of such disputes. The act ensures that the final award is enforced in the same manner as if it has been passed by a court. our Services w.r.t. arbitration : Appointment as an Arbitrator, Dispute Resolution , Mediation , Consultation etc.